IShowSpeed rate complètement la passe d’Hazard, il devrait arrêter le football ! #courts

RATÉ d’IShowSpeed sur cette passe d’Hazard

Now on the counter tack speed still got the ball on the right hand side can he get the ball to chunks V Hazard so many different options gets the ball to chunks jks with the strike and it’s just enough Target speed might have just so many carry matches and I’m sure he’ll be

frustrated with himself

So frustrated with himself that he wasn’t able to make clean contacts cuz if he does he just knows what he’s going to do just keep his eye out on the ball chunks is saying go on go for it this is all your moment unfortunately just gust the ground runes as he

Depuis mon enfance, le football a toujours été une de mes passions. J'adorais regarder les matchs de mon équipe favorite et passer du temps sur le terrain avec mes amis.