Est-ce que #IShowSpeed a cherché à blesser #Kaka ? Il est complètement déchaîné !

#IShowSpeed a voulu blesser #Kaka ou quoi ?

Il est en roue libre !

Analysis of the play

Right now but here we go cuz obviously having to defend the it’s not going to be easy spe tackles Rak I’m sorry right to have the audacity to slide tackle one of the greatest players of all time from behind you either have to be very very Brave or very very crazy and with him he often Treads the line in between both do you know what kak has done so well there got his foot right in front of the ball and he knows a f is coming

Depuis mon enfance, le football a toujours été une de mes passions. J'adorais regarder les matchs de mon équipe favorite et passer du temps sur le terrain avec mes amis.